What Do I Really Want?


“What do you want Me to do for you?” and he said, “Lord, I want to regain my sight.” Luke 18:41

 Church signs always arrest my attention, and of course, they are so designed.  I carefully examine each one I drive by, and more often than not, shudder at the message being posted.  I’m sure they are well-intentioned, and as with all attempted communication may not say what was meant to be said, or read for what was meant to be understood.  (Note to sign-folk, run it by someone first?)

Recently saw one that read, “God gives us what we need, not what we want”, immediately feeling that stern, “Because I said so, that’s why!” kind of response when parental frustrations vent.  It sounded so profound, so mature, so corrective.  After all, to want something that might not be a need would be just, well, wrong.  Quit bothering your dad now and run along, he doesn’t have time for your silly wants.

Except, that, Jesus tended to ask people what they wanted.  And, curiously, the answers seemed so obvious as to question his question.  Like the blind man…what do you want me to do for you?  Uh, to regain my sight?  Or the paralytic, do you want to be well?  Uh…well, you get it.  Jesus asked people what they wanted, not because it wasn’t obvious or because He didn’t know, but because until a person knows what they really want and bring it to the Master, faith has not been energized.  Miracles happened when wants were brought to Jesus.

How have we allowed religion to turn God into a miserly, not-to-be-bothered deity, who humbugs His children’s desires?  Even we far-from-perfect earthly dads want to give good gifts to our children, how much more….

Significant to the exercise of faith is to know the heart of our Father.  When my image of Him is made less-than by the philosophies of man, or the intimidations of religion, or my own insecurities, I simply will not approach Him in faith.  To come to God is to believe that He exists, AND that He is a REWARDER of those who come to Him.  Any diminishment of that understanding injures faith.

Have I ever wanted something that wasn’t God’s will for my life?  Well, yes, we all have.  Just as when my young child asked me for something that I knew wasn’t best for her.  But did I want her to stop bringing her wants to me?  Never!  Nor does our Father.

What do you want right now?  What do you really want?  Have you taken your want to Jesus?  Delight yourself in Him and see if He will not give you the desires of your heart.  Which, by the way, would be a better church sign message.

– Eric

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  1. Dianne Waters says:

    …the word I needed to hear today!!

  2. Janie Schleimer says:

    I am so encouraged. Thank You

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