That “still in process” Thing


“Having been built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Christ Jesus Himself being the corner stone…in whom you also are being built together into a dwelling of God in the Spirit.”  Ephesians 2:20,22

Getting from here to there in life, and I don’t mean geographically, both captivates the optimist and dissuades the pessimist. If I’m one of those “there might be a check in the mailbox today” guys, then I have some level of expectation that where I am is not where I’ll always be. But lots of folks are those who dread Mondays, think Karma’s out to get them, and constantly breath a Nicholson “as good as it gets” sigh.

OK, so it doesn’t take a human behavioral specialist to see the distinction. Tomorrow is good news for some, but just another yesterday for others.

Paul writes to the Ephesians about their process in life and of God’s working in them from an “already, not yet” perspective. Like, I’m saved and I’m being saved. I’m already complete in Christ AND I’m growing into the image of Christ. Getting that concept deeply embedded in my mind is the basis for smiling at the future.

He says that I have been built and I am being built. Read it for yourself. It’s not an either/or, it’s a both/and. And that makes all the difference.

The reason I can hope that God will do great things in my life is because He already has. I’m not just sittin’ ‘round waiting for good to happen, but living out of the good that has already happened. That’s what “from glory to glory” means.

This truth is not only for self-affirming digestion, but for seeing others as Christ sees. I typically forget that, and only see where they aren’t, instead of where they will be because they already are. This is the immeasurable love a parent has, for he sees his child not as they are, but for all they will be. Where a child is at the moment is not the issue. Not to a loving dad or mom. It’s where they will be one day because they are my child.

And this is grace. Grace which reaches back to a finished work at Calvary and forward to a reserved seat in the heavenlies, and catches me in the middle. There’s no better place than in His grip.

– Eric

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  1. Jim Hardy says:

    There’s nothing like experiencing God’s faithfulness to build one’s trust in the One who loves us. Been there myself and am there now. Thanks for the word.

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