Revisiting the Hill Country, Revisiting the Promise


Just returned from a weekend in the Texas Hill Country, as Susan and I celebrated our 41st anniversary. I love that place!  The beautiful scenery, the rolling hills, the quiet, the German food…well, all the food. It’s just a great place to go back to rest and clear your mind. Well, and the food…but I digress.

Spring is the best time, not only for temperature sake, but for the wildflowers. Oh, wow, even Julie Andrews would sing, “the hills are alive” if she were to see the bluebonnets! Except that we were a bit early this year. All the way down on our drive we looked for the magnificent Texas State Flower, but it just wasn’t time.

My devotional reading in Joshua coincided with our travels, and I was reminded of Caleb. What a man’s man! OK, so maybe it’s because I’m creeping toward his age, but this guy and his chutzpah makes him one of my heroes. At 85, he reminded Joshua of God’s promise to him 45 years earlier, that his faithfulness as Moses’ CIA agent would earn him a significant inheritance in the promised Land.  Having continued in faithfulness to see the children of Israel take that Land, he revisited what God had promised.

Can you look back to a promise God gave you which still awaits fulfillment? I think everyone can, because promises don’t always bloom when we’d like them to. Theologically we know they will, but they don’t always pop when we want. And when they don’t we can either question the character of the Promiser, or in fact, trust His character.

But trust is more than passively waiting. Oh, I know, “they that wait upon the Lord…”, but that waiting is not the inert, sighing, distracted and inattentive wishfulness that we often associate with a wait. Like waiting for someone to see the last shop in Fredericksburg. But I digress……again. Trusting in God is an act, an action on my part. When I want to see the central Texas hills bursting with blue, it’s not enough to see it on the metroplex nightly news. I have to revisit those hills. And to take hold of all that God has promised, I have to revisit that promise.

Caleb did just that. He wasn’t too old. It hadn’t been too long. It wasn’t going to be too hard. It wasn’t going to someone else, someone younger, someone better, some anyone. The promise was his. In fact, he was unwilling to allow anything to stand in the way of inheriting all that God had promised.

Caleb, you are THE MAN. And I want to be just like you when I grow up.

Oh, and by the way, as we drove home, the bluebonnets had popped. I love how God does that. I think we’ll go back again next Spring.

– Eric

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